Monday, August 31, 2015

Kaelyn's Birthday

Warning: Major picture overload ahead.

Kaelyn turned 3 this month! I think she had a pretty good day.  It started with a room full of balloons, and a purple doughnut with sprinkles....
 and continued with scooter-ing to the playground...
 then scooter-ing (actually, I ended up carrying her most of the way because she was so tired) home and having popsicles out on the patio...
 followed by nap time.  During which, I undertook making her Jessie cake that she had literally been talking about for a month.  We made the mistake of mentioning her birthday back in July and asked what kind of cake she wanted- a purple Jessie cake- and then she asked me daily about it.  DAILY.

This was definitely the most time consuming cake I've done yet for them, but it was also the only way I could think of to make Jessie.  So, here's the table before.
 Aaaaand after.  Except I had actually cleaned up a bit already.
 In the end, though, it was totally worth it.
 Look at those faces!
 I think she was pleased!
 She was funny opening presents.  At this age, Alexa did not want help, she was tearing into the paper like no one's business, but Kaelyn insisted that Daddy help with every single present.  I think she really loved, and appreciated, that these things were just for her, and that Alexa had no prior claim to any of it!
 I was really proud of Alexa, too, because she bought Kaelyn presents with her own money for the first time.  We had a little money lesson one day during nap time and I explained how much presents would cost (from the dollar store) and then had to talk her down from using all her money at once.  I think she'll be glad around Christmas time, though!

 And then they enjoyed her spoils until bedtime!

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