Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2 Weeks

At least I'm sticking with the 2 weeks late thing instead of falling further behind, right? At her 2 week appointment, Kaelyn was 9 lbs 1.1 ozs, and all around evenly proportioned, at 75% in all her measurements.  When the doctor came in, she took one look at Kaelyn and said, "A redhead, huh? Which side does she get it from?" She's got Mike's coloring, for sure!
Alexa is enjoying the new toys that have appeared, and has missed the fact that she is a little big for them, but at least she shares, right?
 Dressing Kaelyn in Alexa's old clothes really highlights the similarities between the girls!
Above is Kaelyn at about 3 weeks, and below is Alexa at about 6 weeks (please ignore the slightly possessed look...).  And I just noticed that I even cocked the bow to the same side on them, ha ha, I must have known I'd use these pictures for comparison!
And for good measure, here's a sweet picture of Alexa stopping to smell the roses. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Kaelyn has arrived!

So, it may be 2 weeks late, but this is Kaelyn Elizabeth's debut on the blog! She was born on Aug. 21 at 9:14 pm, and besides the fact that I was at 8 cm before I finally got my epidural (my veins are pretty much non existant and that makes putting IVs in very difficult, and that has to be done before an epidural can be put in) labor went really well.  In fact, she basically came out on her own, which was a nice change from Alexa's birth.  She was 8 pounds 13 ounces, which kind of surprised me since she was actually a couple of days early whereas Alexa was a week late and was 8 lbs 11 ozs.  Hopefully this isn't a trend that future babies will follow!

On an unrelated note, the pictures are in the order I uploaded them instead of backwards! Thank you blogger for finally making blogging a bit easier!