Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Busiest Week of the Year

Some one was very ready to get down to business!

 Alexa and Daddy have had fun with this joint gift, although Mommy seems to be the common target, and has the bruises to prove it!
 The day after we went to Zoolights at the National Zoo.  Mike and I agreed that the lights were more impressive at the Portland Zoo, but this one had a carousel, a slide for tubing and a train ride. 

 Then the next day was Alexa's birthday, and she loved it. We let her pick everything all day.  First she helped me make pancakes, then her birthday cake (chocolate with chocolate frosting and m&m's) then art time, then she and Daddy went to see Frozen (for the 2nd time) and for her birthday dinner she chose mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, grapes, and olives.  Then cake and presents. 

 This started happening when I pointed out to him that he was in the background of all these shots.

 And Kaelyn decided that she wanted to be a toy.  I guess all the packaging that she's seen me wrestle with the last few days seemed like fun!
Then the next day was our 6th Anniversary.  We did a little shopping, went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner and to see the newest Hobbit.  It was a great day to end a fun week!


A couple of weeks before Christmas we had snow! Mike was thrilled because the government shut down so he had a snow day from work. He and Alexa made a snowman (with a celery nose), snow angels and had a snow ball fight.  The next day we went out and went sledding, which both girls really liked.
 Alexa really liked helping decorate the tree, and the bottom of our tree was very well decorated!
 She is such an attention hog! She sees a camera and immediately starts posing.  Still have no idea where she got these poses from, either!
 Mid-jump, good job camera woman (me)!
 One morning when I went in to get Kaelyn up, this is what I found.  Luckily she was not messy, just naked!
 Kaelyn's first pony ride.  It was so cute watching her just lay across Mike's back as he tried to balance her there.


So, I was washing dishes and cleaning the floor while Mike was "watching" Kaelyn to make sure she didn't make a big mess.  All of a sudden he ran by me heading upstairs muttering something that I couldn't hear.  When I asked him to repeat himself, he yelled down from upstairs "The baby may have the bowl on her head" Sure enough, I looked over and Kaelyn had a bowl of yogurt on as a hat.  I haven't asked him to watch her while eating again :)
 All of my siblings and their families came for Thanksgiving, which was a lot of fun.  Sadly, these are the only pictures I took the whole time.  Which is a shame, because I made 11 pies, and I can't believe I didn't document it!

 Alexa and Kaelyn really enjoyed playing with their cousins, even if Alexa got distracted during football by piles of leaves!

Disney on Ice

During October we were also lucky enough to go to Disney on Ice, minus Kaelyn.  We figured she wouldn't really appreciate it, so instead it was 4 adults and Alexa.  We had awesome seats and Alexa was so thrilled to see all the princesses, and of course Mickey and Minny.


Wow, it's amazing how daunting it can be to blog again when you're like a year behind.  Ok, it's only 3 months, but still. So, in October we went to a "Pumpkin Patch".  It was very different from what we were used to- for one, you couldn't go pick pumpkins in the field, but it had a bunch of huge slides, photo ops, a haunted hay ride, corn maze and a bunch of other things. Alexa (and Daddy) had a blast! 

 For Halloween, Mike finally got his wish.  He was Link, I was Zelda, Alexa was Princess Peach and Kaelyn was Pikachu.  We decided the theme was Super Smash Brothers Brawl :)

 I'm pretty proud of my sewing skills, since I really don't know what I'm doing and had to do everything without patterns.  These cute girls loved Trick or Treating and showing off their costumes at our ward's Trunk or Treat and Mike's work party!