Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Welcome into our home! This is what you'd see walking in (ignore the bookshelf, it was a casualty of the move and we haven't figures out what to do with it yet).
This is looking into the front room from the end of the entry:

This wall isn't finished, the couch needs a slipcover, and the pictures aren't hung yet, but just imagine them hung the same way as they were in Wymount.
We love how much bigger this front room is than the Wymount apartment. Alexa can crawl around without having to go in circles, and when we play the wii there's plenty of room to move around. So that's almost half the house!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Home Sweet Home

So, we have finally moved in to our house, and for the most part have started making it into a real home. I'm working on finishing it one room at a time so that I can blog about it little by little. Today's feature is the kitchen! The entry is slightly odd, as you'll see. This picture is from the wall that separates the kitchen from the entry way:
This is from the garage door:
That wall with the banisters is the entryway wall. That's why it's kind of weird, I've seen houses where there is no wall separating the entry from the kitchen and I've seen houses where there are complete walls, never one where it's a partial wall like that.
A close up of the counters (aaaah, counter space!).
I love my Halloween decorations :)
And that's the kitchen! Next up, the front room!