Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Alexa's First Day of (Pre)School

A few days before Preschool started, they had a little meet and greet for the kids.  Alexa is lucky enough to know two of her teachers from church, so it has helped her be more comfortable there. 
 On the real first day, she was very excited.  The whole time I was taking pictures she kept asking if it was time to go yet, even as I kept explaining that she had woken up (ridiculously) early.

 Kaelyn's just chillin' in styling.
Alexa LOVES preschool.  Everyday she's so excited to go and when she comes back she's so excited to tell us what she's done that day.  She's made several new friends, although she's terrible at names and can hardly ever remember any.  Kaelyn is still getting used to Alexa being gone, she absolutely loves the one on one time and the extra attention, but she does spend a lot of timing asking, "Where Alexa go?".

Kaelyn is 2!

Kaelyn turned two last month, and the terrible twos have hit with a vengeance! But, on her birthday she was still a sweetheart, and had a great day.  It started with a room full of balloons and birthday hugs.
 A bubble bath all by herself so she got all the toys to herself!
 Breakfast is usually just cereal because they seriously love the stuff, but this morning I made eggs and cinnamon toast (which was new to them) and she loved it! She also loved the birthday crown that Bobba got her and pretty much wears it everyday still.
 We watched a movie and had some popcorn, and then went to the park and had a picnic lunch.
 And dinner was all of her favorite things: hot dogs, fruit, and potatoes.

 And then, her Minney Mouse cake, which she loved. So much so, in fact, that she just couldn't wait...
 and dug right into it while I was cutting it, although in this picture she's trying to fix it.
 When she finally got her piece, she went at it with two spoons.
 After presents she was looking at pictures with Daddy on his phone.
 And then she was out! Birthdays are exhausting, after all!

August Outings

During August we finally made it to the zoo during the light of day, and the girls loooooved seeing all the animals.  We went at a great time when there were a lot of babies around, too.  They had a whole pride of lions that the girls were fascinated by.
The monkeys and apes were a hit, and they also had young ones inside the monkey house.

 And, of course, the main attraction, the pandas! We got to see the baby panda as well, and it was an adorable ball of fluff.

 Alexa always loves the elephants, and she thought it was so cool that this was a mother/daughter pair.
 Kaelyn fell asleep almost as soon as we got to the car, and Alexa barely managed to stay awake til we got home.
 On a different day we went to the local Truck Day, which was not a hit.  It only had a few trucks and the only thing that interested them at all was watching a back hoe, dump truck and cherry picker that were actually being used as a demonstration.  So, we were only there for about half an hour and then headed to the farm where these old tractors were a huge hit.

 Alexa has gotten much braver around animals and enjoyed petting the sheep, although Kaelyn wanted nothing to do with it.
 She did, however, enjoy mooing at the cows!
 We also hit the farm at a good time.  There was this litter of piglets, and then an even younger litter that we got to see feeding.  Alexa thought they were pretty cool, although she was not impressed with the smell, especially when she found out why it smelled so bad!