Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Bit of Catch Up

Kaelyn is getting so big! This was her first bath in the big tub, rather than her baby tub, and she loved splashing around!
 She is a full fledged crawler, and has been for awhile now.  Just like Alexa, she seems to have a built in radar for all things technological and off-limits.  This is her spying Mommy with her new camera and deciding to go for it.
 This isn't her first taste of baby food, but I think the faces she makes are hilarious, so we had to document it.  I just love how she looks at me like I've betrayed her by feeding her "real" food.
 We have, however, found out that she loves ice cream.
 This reminded me of the movie Beethoven, when that boy in the park shares his ice cream with Beethoven, because Mike's ice cream cone was making the rounds between the three of them.

This was the first time Kaelyn pulled herself up into a sitting position all by herself.
 We recently went to the zoo for my birthday.  Alexa's favorites were the fish (like always) and seeing the baby elephant.  We decided that we're never taking a stroller to that zoo again.  Neither kid was in it for very long and it's so much harder to move around with it.

I am watching the baby of a friend 3 days a week in the mornings, and Alexa is loving having another baby around.  She thinks it's so fun to have them following her around, and they really do!
 Just Alexa being cute: