Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A long overdue post...

So I was all proud of myself because I had gotten pretty good about blogging regularly, and then I went and had a baby... I suppose at least that's a relatively good reason for not having blogged in about a month. Yes, a month. Alexa is now just over a month old, and that time really flew by. I can't believe she's that old already! She's gotten really good at grabbing things, and really looks at and focuses on things now. She's still trying to figure out the whole hand sucking thing, but we have high hopes for her. Now she just has a hard time not poking herself in the eye while getting fingers in her mouth.

Sadly, I haven't gotten much better at taking pictures, but I'm making it a goal to start! So, here are some old and new pics:

Her goggle eyes from the light for her billirubin.
Mike has figured out the art of holding a sleeping baby and playing the wii at the same time.

Her little present outfit that you can kind of see around the swing straps.
And her at this moment, asleep in her second favorite place, the boppy. Her first, is of course, on people.