Friday, November 9, 2012

A Little Bit of Everything

Mike found this onesie just before Halloween; the back has crossed bones and says "I've got a loaded booty".  We think it's pretty funny (and generally accurate) and was perfect for the season!
 Here's a sneak peak of Alexa's costume this year. Can you guess who we each were?
 This past weekend was Kaelyn's baby blessing at our church, and while my parents were in town we went and got some pictures taken.

 Alexa did really well until the end.  At that point we had been there a couple of hours and she was just tired, hence the very force smile!
 Alexa had a great time playing with my dad, who was  able to spend a week with us.  We went to the playground one day and she had a blast playing in the leaves.
 And taking the leaves off of their 'sticks' and bringing them to me.  Whatever floats her boat!