Saturday, March 21, 2009

My birthday and other things....

Sooo, my birthday was a week ago, and it was pretty sweet. I got some awesome stuff and got to go to Tucanos for the first time (although I think it was more of a present for Mike than for me). I got cards from both sets of parents, and Mom Bevans, this is what your present was used for:

Thanks so much! This is my new toy, and hopefully I'll use it really often once Mike oils it up for me. I got it off craigslist and it squeaks a lot, but should be easily fixed. This is the other stuff that I got:
Mike and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond in the morning and got the cooking stuff with a coupon I had. Our friends Tanya, Brent, Melia and Devon got me the Sims game which I got addicted to a couple of weeks ago, and the card and M&M's are from our neighbors, April, Eli and Andrew. We also stopped at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory after Tucanos and I got chocolate covered oreos! Yum!
Two of my old roommates Jenn and Jill came to Tucanos, as well as one of Mike's old roommates, Brett.

This is Brent and Tanya, Mike's boss :) They're pretty awesome and helped us know what to try there. Although, they also made us try the chicken hearts, which were in fact pretty gross. But now we know what not to get from there! Mike absolutely loved the place, and I thought it was pretty great too! They have the best pineapple ever! So, all in all it was a great birthday!! Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

And for amusement, this is Mike drinking water upside down to get rid of hiccups. He hadn't heard of that remedy before, but it worked! I had never thought of doing it this way and thought it was pretty funny!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Utah weather is the worst thing ever

So, this week has been beautiful, sunny and warm with a nice breeze. Even the evenings have been perfect for walks. It seemed like Spring was here, and everyone was happy. And then it snowed. Twice. Yesterday morning and this morning. It's really depressing to have wonderful weather and wake up to snow, even if it does all melt away during the day. Hopefully Spring will come for real sometime soon.

On other news, I got the happy news that my best friend Sara is going to be very close to me the week after our birthday, so I'm very excited! She lives way up in Idaho but will be down in Rexburg for her Spring Break (don't get me started on BYU's lack of one) and so we'll hopefully get to see her! I haven't seen her in two years, and Mike hasn't even met her, so it's really very exciting.

Mike and I are also going to Las Vegas the last weekend in March to see my parents and some of my extended family. One of my cousins is getting married, and he lived with my family and I for a little while, so my parents (luckily) are flying all the way out to Vegas for his wedding! We'll drive down on Saturday and drive back up Sunday night so we'll have about a day and a half with my parents, and they're booking our room for my birthday present! Yay!

On the same note, almost all of Mike's family is coming down to Utah for a week or so to spend time in Southern Utah. That'll be a lot of fun to see them and be close enough to home that we won't have to miss a lot of classes. They might even get to see our apartment! That's really exciting because Jeremy is the only member of either of our families to see our apartment. Although, Mark, Shauna and Jackson will be here for Easter, so they'll get to see it, too. We know it's Wymount, but we like it and want to show it off!

I think that's all the exciting news for now, sorry for the lack of pictures!