Friday, June 26, 2009

A post!!! Finally!

Sorry about the long lack of posts, but I've actually had a pretty good excuse for not doing it. One really bad thing (for me) about having a blog is that I feel that if anything exciting happens, I should immediately post about it. Sometimes, though, I can't. This was one of those times. Mike and I found out about two months ago that we're (why do people always say we're? He's not, it's definitely me...) pregnant. But, we were only a month along at that point, so we decided to wait to make the announcement. But now I'm at about 13 weeks, so it's pretty safe to talk about.

Actually, I'll clarify a little. We talked about not telling people until the first three months were past, but it appears that basically everyone knew thanks to Mike. I guess the good thing is that at least it shows that he's excited. I keep finding out who else knew and was told not to tell me they knew. I did well though, I only told my family and people at work since I kept calling in so much. Yeah, I was pretty sick for the two months as well. It wasn't fun. But, I've gotten a lot better, so hopefully everthing goes well!

Besides that nothing else has really happened lately, except in the past two days our carpet was replaced in our apartment. It was a huge hassle and the carpet isn't even attractive. We're getting used to it, but it really is pretty ugly. Think about the church carpet that's thin, hard, and really rather purple. That's what we have, exactly. It has however, given me opportunity to go through things and get rid of a lot of stuff and clean and organize everthing else.

I promise now that I'm not keeping any big secrets I'll post more often!