Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fourth of July

Since the face painting had gone over so well the day before, we grabbed some for our own while we grocery shopped, and did it again on the 4th.  This time, Alexa wanted it on her face (where it wouldn't rub off so easily) and got both cheeks done.

 She also had very patriotic nails, with matching fireworks on the thumbs.
 Kaelyn got bored half way through, so she had a firework on one side...
 ... and most of a flag on the other.
 And she also had patriotic nails.
 We did our normal 4th traditions: the flag cake, the red white and blue drinks, and watching fireworks at night, but this year we added something new- doing our own fireworks! It was Mike's idea, of course, so we got a small box, and then we had a couple of friends over and they brought a huge box.  The girls really like the sparklers and the little things that they could throw at the ground.

They really liked watching the bigger ones, too, although they wanted to help with that as well and were disappointed by Mommy's "NO!" We watched the fireworks on the hill behind our condo and had a view of the whole valley, and it was awesome.  Fireworks EVERYWHERE.  Seriously,  the whole valley looked like they were shooting fireworks off, including the neighborhoods next to and behind us.  It didn't matter where we looked, we could see some one's show.  And all without the hassle of driving somewhere!

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