Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day

So I guess this year was my first "real" Mother's Day, although I still count last year since I was pregnant. Either way, it was great! We didn't really celebrate on Mother's Day itself because with everything going on that weekend, Mike didn't have time to prepare, but he did make me dinner.

On Monday night we had his birthday meal (the home cooked one since you really don't need another meal after Tucanos) and then on Tuesday night he made me a wonderful Mother's Day meal and got me an ice cream cake! It was delicious! He also got me a collection of Nicholas Sparks movies, and I'm so excited to watch them! I love Nicholas Sparks books, he's one of my favorite authors, even if he isn't the most creative person ever.

My mom sent me a card and a Willow Tree figure, which prompted me to rearrange the ones I have and put them together in this order:
It's my life in Willow Tree! And I think all of these came from her! I have one other one, a little plaque from one of my best friends that is of two friends sitting together that should be in the front of the line, but it doesn't stand up by itself. I'll have to find a stand so the series will be complete.

In other good news, I'm excited to go to VA for a week in July with Alexa. She'll get to meet the rest of my immediate family (none of my brothers have met her) and I'll get to show her off to some of my old friends! I am sad that Mike won't be able to come with us but he'll be working and in classes still, so he is staying here. It will be the first time we've been separated for any real length of time... the closest was the 4th of July when he worked for about 24 hours straight. I'm still trying to convince him to come, but he isn't budging, stubborn man!

Mike's Birthday

For Mike's birthday we continued our tradition of a lunch/dinner at Tucanos with friends. We got a big group together, and it was a lot of fun! It was also nice because since his birthday was the day before Mother's Day, Tucanos was having a special that included chocolate covered strawberries! :) I, of course, did not bring my camera and only remembered to take pictures while we were outside waiting, but here's everyone, minus one who came late...

After that we went back to our apartment with several people and played a lot of games. I had decorated the apartment that morning to surprise Mike, so I think it was pretty festive. Of course I decorated in Bronco's colors! Again, I was a slacker with taking pictures, so no pics of them or the cake, which I was actually really mad at myself for not taking before we cut it at the game night. I've got to get better! He got several good presents, and I think he enjoyed his birthday a lot! And, now that he's 5 years older than me again, all is right in the world :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

4 Months!

Today we had Alexa's 4 month appointment which means that she's been a grump all afternoon thanks to immunizations. We have a long, skinny baby, go figure! She's 13.03 lbs, 25.9 in long and has a head circumference of 16.4 in. This puts her in the 31.8% for weight, 94.01% for height and 66.6% for head size. I was surprised she hadn't gained more because it seems like she's always eating!

She's also a genius, we've come to realize this week. Yes, this is a picture of her sitting up, all by herself, on daddy's lap. By the time we got over our amazement and I got the camera, she was leaning over in order to throw up on her father. See? Pure genius! Notice his flailing arms and the white spot of spit up going down onto his shirt? I have awesome timing with a camera :)

This morning after the doctor's appointment I laid her down on her floor gym. I laid her on her back with her feet under the little monkey and bear, like you're supposed to so she can kick them. Then I got online and was wasting time and when I looked back at her she had spun 270 degrees and was trying to roll onto her stomach! She rolls from stomach to back all the time, but never the other way around! She hates tummy time!
I kept watching to see if she could figure out how to get her other arm out from under herself...
And she did!!!
Then, she was on the couch later playing with the rattle (the little green frog in the picture) and her pacifier was off to the side on her burp rag. I got a drink, came back and she had gotten the pacifier and was trying to figure out how to get the right part in her mouth while keeping hold of the handle. I was impressed that she had gotten a hold of it, was holding the right part and was trying to put the right part in her mouth!
And then there's my husband....
Yes, that's about 15 grapes shoved in his mouth.... He did this purely for his own entertainment one night while we were watching a movie and looked up at me with a huge grin. And of course I put it on the blog so everyone can see! :)