Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 3rd & 5th

Who celebrates the Fourth of July? Not us! We celebrate the 3rd and 5th! It's much better that way, makes it last a little longer and you don't feel like everyone else. Not really. In reality, Mike worked for just under 24 hours on the fourth, so I spent a very lonely day watching movies and taking naps and then watched the fireworks with my friend Jill. Mike and I haven't spent a Fourth together yet, but hopefully next year....

On the 3rd we had a really fun day, though. The Fourth of July is a big day in Provo and they set up a mini carnival/festival thing in the middle of town from the 2nd-4th. We went this year and it was really pretty awesome! We saw a little petting zoo:

And Mike liked the turtle
Then we saw some stocks and couldn't resist:

And of course, Mike had to play with the cannon:

Before hand we had gone to Five Guys which I have been trying to get Mike to try for months because I knew he'd love it. And he did :) At the festival thing we also saw Jericho Road, which was pretty cool because I used to listen to their cd all the time in high school. We got a caricature done, which turned out really nice, and I got a pretty little dream catcher.
On the 5th we had a bbq in the park with our friends Brent and Tanya and played wiffle ball. Kind of. Mike was pretty much dead, and so was Tanya who works with him. So we managed to have a pretty good weekend despite the 4th and have had a great week since then, but I'll update about that later!