Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Freedom Days

We went to the Provo Freedom Days  on the 3rd this year, and had a lot of fun! Mike and I had gone once when we were newly married, and again when Alexa was a baby, but not since. The girls were really excited to go!
 Kaelyn got her face painted, and I was really impressed with how well she sat still for the Sister missionary that did it. She thought it was pretty awesome.

 Alexa was being a shy bug, but after watching Kaelyn, she decided she'd be ok with it on her hand, and got a firework.
 We stopped and watched some dancers, and Kaelyn danced along almost the whole time, and made me get in on the action part of the time.
 Daddy and Alexa just watched.
 This was the first ride that either of them have been on, except for Ferris Wheels.  They both LOVED it, Kaelyn especially.  She was so funny to watch, because half the time she had this intense look on her face, hunched over the handle bars like she was really racing.
We walked a lot, got a couple of hair clips for the girls, a dream catcher for me, and the girls and I experienced our first shaved ice- so good, and much better than a regular snow cone!

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