Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dying Easter Eggs

We had a lot of fun doing Easter eggs this year.  Alexa really got into it and was doing multicolored eggs and everything! Kaelyn had a lot of fun getting to do it this year, and was definitely hamming it up for the pictures!

 After we dye the eggs, we have a tradition of using up the leftover dye to play with baking soda.  It fizzes and expands and they get to mix the colors and everything up together.  I think they have almost as much fun with this as they do actually coloring the eggs! Look at the intense concentration!


Kaelyn's newest obsession is 'scootering' on her pink scooter, with her Minnie hat.  She LOVES using her scooter, and pretty much wants to do it all day, every day.  And you cannot say the word scooter around her if you are not planning on immediately taking her out to use it.   
 I had her practice inside the first day (in her favorite Sofia pajamas) so that falling wouldn't hurt, but she is a pro!
 Alexa really enjoys her scooter, too, and just doesn't understand why I don't let them scooter all the way to preschool. It would only take about 5 hours! Kaelyn may love it, but she is not particularly fast!