Friday, August 12, 2011


So I was thinking about how I should update the blog, but then realized I had nothing to update about. I started looking through some old posts and I thought of 3 totally unrelated, unimportant things that I thought I'd share.

Well, I kinda lied, the first one is VERY important, and I wanted to update about it, it just wasn't long enough for a post of its own.


Yup, it's true. Today was the day of BYU's August graduation, and so Mike is officially 100% done with school (unless he decides to go further later, which is likely). Yay!

Have you ever been uninvited to something? Once, about a year ago, I confessed to blog stalking. This one girl I knew from my days in a singles apartment has a blog that I happily stalked. Then she went private and told people to give her their email addresses if they wanted invites, so I did (after much angst- as Joanna commented on the old post, do I admit to blog stalking even though we never talk anymore?), she added me and it was all good. Then, a good year later, all of a sudden I couldn't see her blog. I emailed her again, thinking that maybe blogger was having issues, but never got a response. Granted, we do never talk anymore, and weren't great friends to begin with, but why allow me to see it and then randomly decide not to anymore? Weird. I'll have you all know, if I ever invite you to anything, I will never un-invite you!

The third thing is another confession, this time a bit more serious one. I have been rather ungrateful lately. I have been so tired of being Miss Susie Homemaker 24/7 and of not getting things done that I wanted to get done, and I was letting it get me down. I felt like I was always entertaining a baby, cleaning, cooking, entertaining a Mike (love you!) exercising/eating healthy and not losing weight, and trying (and failing) to get a good nights rest. It was depressing and stressful and I was starting to wonder if I'm just not cut out to be a stay at home mom. And then, as I was looking over those old posts, and looking at all those pictures, I am so grateful that since Alexa was born I've only had to work a few weeks. And you know what? During those few weeks, I wanted nothing more than to be at home with my baby. I'm so glad that I have a wonderful husband that supports us (in many ways) and that encourages me daily. I'm grateful that he doesn't mind being a bit on the poor side and that he realizes the importance of having me home with our daughter. I'm so lucky to have Alexa and to spend so much time with her, to teach her, and play with her, and be amazed by her when she says a knew word suddenly, or counts to 2 by herself. I can't imagine missing all this and having to hear about it from someone else! Sometimes, I just need a new perspective! The weight thing is still getting to me though. I gained so much when I was pregnant with Alexa, and lost almost nothing after she was born. The past couple of months I've really been trying, but nothing. Any tips?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beach Bums

This past weekend we went to the beach! It was on the Columbia, so it was only about 15 minutes away, and it was much warmer than the coast normally is, even Alexa didn't mind standing in the water-although it took awhile to convince her to try it.
She had a great time playing with the sand and all the little rocks.

I just wish we had found out about it sooner, because I plan on spending a lot of Saturdays there for the rest of the summer!