Monday, December 21, 2015


In the beginning of November we went to Disney on Ice, and the girls LOVED it. They wore princess dresses and watched with rapt attention. Kaelyn didn't let us take one good picture of her during the whole thing, I think because she was perturbed that we were disturbing her.  We didn't even take pictures during the show though, so who knows?
 This is a clip from our favorite part of the show; Rapunzel and Flynn did aerial ice skating/dancing.  I didn't even know that was a thing, but it was pretty awesome!
 The girls just had a blast, and loved seeing all the princesses.  Yesterday we went up to Temple Square and drove past the place we saw this at, and as soon as Kaelyn saw the building, she recognized it and started telling us all about the show.  I was amazed that she remembered so much, including what building it was in!

 The princesses with their prince after the show.  Doesn't Kaelyn's hoop skirt just crack you up?
 Kaelyn has started waking up and coming to "cuddle" with us (me) in bed.  Usually this happens in the morning and she just takes daddy's place after he leaves for work, but this night she came in at about one, started out between us, and then was sprawled all over me.  She literally had one leg over my stomach, and one arm over my face, just making herself comfortable.  Mike and I were cracking up because she just kept shifting more and more on top of me, and somehow the laughing did not wake her up. Eventually I got up to put her back in bed, and as soon as I stood up, she just completely took over my spot.
 Luckily she hasn't been doing that as much, all though we found it pretty funny.

Before we left for Thanksgiving, we went to the Riverwoods tree lighting and the girls got to meet Elsa.  I think that was their favorite part of the whole thing!