Friday, February 20, 2009

This week...

On Saturday I worked from 2-6:30, but to my surprise, Mike and our brother-in-law Jeremy showed up at around 5:30 with heart shaped pizzas! Here's a picture of a heart shaped pizza I found online (because I'm terrible at taking pictures):

Ours looked very similar, except it wasn't Papa Johns. Then we played games all night. First we played Settlers of Catan, which Jeremy won. We love that game and were glad that he wanted to play with us! Then we played Whoonu, a game that my best friend Sara gave me for my birthday a couple years ago. We had a lot of fun with this one and got to know each other a lot better because of it! We played it several times, changing the categories to make it more interesting. I think I won most of the rounds, but what can I say? I got good cards!

Monday Mike was home all day and I was at work all day! I had to switch days with another girl because BYU decided to make Tuesday a Monday, which is all fine and dandy for people like Mike who work on campus, but makes it difficult for people who have other jobs. That night we went to Outback to use our gift card, and it was delicious! We stopped at the Verizon store on our way home to get a converter for me, but we ended up getting Mike a new phone. He was up for one and he fell in love with the new chocolate, so he got it, and is loving it now.
Almost a month ago, Mike ordered a few edited movies from a place that was going out of business. He finally got them on Tuesday, so Wednesday night we had a couple over to watch Kingdom of Heaven, and Mike and I watched Rambo (whatever the newest one is) last night. He's ecstatic, me- not so much... but at least it makes him happy!

Besides that, it's just work and school for both of us! We're also looking forward (and hoping) to seeing our families relatively soon in March and April/Mayish!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

Mike and I celebrated Valentine's Day on Friday night because I worked Saturday night. When he came home from work he came home to this (minus the flowers, he brought those for me :))

I had a lot of fun making the decorations and surprising him with them. I made his favorite macaroons, and my mom sent us some yummy cookies from this place she discovered my freshman year. I love that place :)! Mom Bevans sent us Little Mermaid!!!! That was a very happy surprise, because we were (well, I was) really sad when we found out it was going back in the vault and we missed getting it.
After he came home, we were going to go to dinner but neither of us were hungry, so we went to a playground instead. It was really nice. We talked a lot and played on the slide and swings. I love swings, which is why he took me there.

After that we went to see Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Mike has been wanting to see that movie for a long time, but we never go to the real theatre. It was our Valentine's day splurge. Plus we got popcorn and candy and a drink! Things we really never do! It was a great night though, a perfect Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


So, Mike has to work one Sunday a month, and this past Sunday was the one for this month. I went with him, being the nice wife that I am, and helped him out. On Sundays there is only one person on patrol at a time, and so they have to take pictures to prove that the tickets are valid. So, Mike was writing the tickets and I would take the pictures for him. It really is ridiculous how people think they can do whatever they want and not suffer any consequences. They park in motorcycle spaces, handicap spaces, buffer zones, service vehicle spaces (that clearly say that they are ALWAYS for service vehicles), and they make up their own spaces. And then get mad when they get a ticket. I mean, these are things that are obvioulsy wrong all the time, even on Sunday when you're going to church.

Mike has to put up with so many rude and angry people that are just crazy! One guy totally made up a space in one lot, and Mike wrote him a ticket. This car was blocking half a road, and the guy comes out while Mike is walking away and gets an attitude and everything. And he had been parked there for hours, because we had been there and left and come back before he came out. Another car actually took someone else's ticket off and put it on their own car to try not to get a ticket. Luckily it was in a tiny lot, so Mike saw the ticket when we were driving by and didn't remember giving it. Since he was the only one writing tickets, it was obvious that something wasn't quite right. We went in and Mike looked at the ticket and couldn't figure out at first why the descriptiion of the car was so off, then looked over to a car he had ticketed earlier and saw their ticket was gone! We were both shocked at how self-centered and mean that was. The first car could have gotten two tickets and not even known about the first one! It is amazing what some people will come up with to get out of something though.

I'll admit, I think it's fun going to work with him. I am always amazed to see what people will do, and honestly I think they do deserve to get punished. Anyone who parks in a disability stall and is not supposed to should get their car towed, not just get a ticket. What if someone with a disability comes and then doesn't have anywhere to park? It's just not fair. Anyways.... The awkward thing, though, is when someone comes out while we're writing the ticket. Especially for me since I don't even really work there. It also surprises me that even though there are only two people giving tickets out at all on Sunday, and only from 6am-2pm, they get tons and tons of tickets. And really expensive ones, too, since they only ticket the really bad things. Really, isn't it rather hypocritical to park illegally to go to church? Well, that's my rant on Mike's job! :)

P.S. Sorry if anyone does the things I ranted about.... :)