Thursday, December 20, 2012

4 Months

Tomorrow Kaelyn will be 4 months old, and a week from today Alexa will be 3.  Where did time go??  We had Kaelyn's 4 month appointment on Monday, and she is a chunk.  She's 15 1/2 pounds, 25 inches long, and has 2 teeth poking though.  When the doctor laid her on her tummy to see how she was doing strength-wise, she was surprised to see how high Kaelyn lifted herself up, then to hear when she started rolling over (Nov. 1) and then to see how close she is to sitting by herself.  She said developmentally Kaelyn is closer to a six month old than a four month old.  Guess that means I'm going to have my hands very full even sooner than I thought! Mike is convinced that she's close to crawling too, but I'm not so sure about that, and I really hope she's not!

Alexa won't be in for her 3 year checkup until February- apparently we got her in late last year, and it has to be a full year in between for insurance reasons.  She's disappointed about that because although she has hated everything about going to the doctors in the past, she is very excited to go this time.  I think it is because how often I was going at the end of the pregnancy, and then how often Kaelyn has been going since she's been born.  And I don't think Alexa remembers what shots are.  I'm hoping this will work in my favor this time, and she'll actually consent to be weighed and measured without me holding her the whole time. 

Alexa's at such a fun age now, she is SO excited for Christmas and then her birthday, and then going to VA to see "Max and Shawn and TJ and Uncle Bart and Rachel... " and then she continues to list everyone else in the family.  Being less shy is nice, too.  She's not so attached to us when we're are Grandma and Grandpa's, in fact we barely see her because she loves playing with her cousins.  She actually sat on Santa's lap this year, which is the real reason why we bought that picture- proof!  This opening up has made everything a lot more fun because she actually does stuff now!