Friday, July 30, 2010

Who wants to help?

So, I'm taking an English Language class that is primarily about usage. For this class I need to get people to take a couple of surveys through out the class, and it's best when the people aren't all from the same place/age group/etc. so I thought that putting them up here would get me a good range. So, if you don't mind and have a spare minute- literally, it will only take a few minutes- please take this one for me. Also, please email me your responses instead of putting it as a comment so that your answers don't influence anyone else and their potential answers. Hopefully I don't get a bunch of spam from this, but here's my email address: snowanglp (at) Thanks so much everyone!

1. The quarterback played______ today. A) good B) well
2. If I_______ to win the lottery I would buy a new house. A) was B) were
3. The reason I am tired is _____ I stayed up too late last night. A) because B) that
4. I feel _____ that you didn't get to go to the party last night. A) bad B) badly
5. Hey, _____ I use your car tonight? A) may B) can
6. His vote on that issue is different ____ mine. A) from B) than

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So I'm finally getting around to posting about our trip to Virginia, so be forewarned that there are ridiculous amounts pictures in this post.

Alexa has started sleeping with her rear in the air.
Alexa's first drive, and she loved it!

Alexa with various family members:

At Chuck E Cheese (that was exciting...)

And lastly, with the cousins.
The sad thing? I was there a week, and these are pretty much all the pictures that I took. I'm terrible. But we had a great time, and although I really wish Mike had been able to come, I'm so glad that Alexa and I were able to go and she could meet the rest of my family.
In other news, since we still have no job, it's looking like we'll move to Oregon after graduation.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fifth of July

So, the day after the Fourth, Mike, Alexa and I went to the Freedom Festival with a couple of friends from the ward. While we were there we took a lot of pictures of Alexa, hoping to get her to smile in some, which she did! We had a lot of fun, and the Freedom Festival is going to be one things we'll miss when we move!
On Tuesday we got kicked out of the apartment for a bit because they were cleaning our carpets. We just went outside to hang out and read, and Mike managed to get a picture of what we like to call The Turtle Face. She loves to make this face, although the bottom lip doesn't always do this.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Stadium of Fire

Mike and I were hoping to go to Stadium of Fire together this year, but when he got his promotion, I invited an old roommate to come with me instead. I felt bad for him, but there was no way he was getting out of work! That's why his week has been so crazy. The whole week before the Fourth, the traffic officers have to watch the fireworks all night, so he had a few nights of little to no sleep. Then he worked from 11am-2am yesterday, has to work 7-10 tonight, and goes in tomorrow (a holiday for everyone else) at 5:30am til about 1 pm. Alexa and I have seen very little of him recently, so it's been sad and really weird. Anyways, Stadium of Fire was awesome! I'm so glad I got to go! Here is the main attraction:
That's right folks, this year's star was Carrie Underwood! Now, I'm no country fan, but her music isn't really very country, and is pretty rock-ish, so I like her quite a bit. Here are a few videos from her performance for your enjoyment. :)

Hopefully they all work; I don't really know what I'm doing....

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010


First off, I'll start with a super cute pic of Mike and Alexa napping...
Here's the little bed head getting ready for her first taste of bananas...
Clearly, not impressed...
Trying to get it all out...
Being forced to take another bite...
So, I guess she takes after me and doesn't like bananas much, but I have to say, it was quite amusing watching her expressions!
We had her doctors appointment this morning, so now she's a grump because of all the shots. And apparently, since the stranger anxiety isn't supposed to really start until 9 months, she's ahead of the game, because the doctor and nurses totally flipped her out! She's 26.6 in long putting her in the 78 percentile, 15.56 lbs- 39%, and her head is 16.75 in around, putting her in the 51%. So she's still our long skinny baby, but she's starting to even out more.
I would post more about how this week has been crazy, but like I said, she's a grump!