Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Fun

We've been:

Finding lots of bugs and rocks,

 getting BYU ice cream for lunch,
 sharing milkshakes,
 using lots of chalk,
 and splashing on an almost daily basis!
I think they're having a good summer so far!

The End and the Beginning

Soccer ended last month, much to the girls' disappointment.  Alexa had a great time, and Kaelyn actually ended up liking it, too.  After the last game, they all got little participation medals, which Alexa thought was so cool.

Right after soccer ended, T-ball started up.  Alexa has had a couple of practices, and one game, and so far seems to really be enjoying it.  The first game was really funny, watching the kids try to figure out where to run to, and the massive dog piles as all our out fielders tried to get the ball.  After the first inning, the coaches changed their strategy and just had a few kids in the out field at a time  and that helped the dog pile issue get resolved.
 Alexa's first home run.  She was the first hitter of the team, so she was technically the first home run on the team.

 They switched the order of batting in the next inning, so she was also the last run from the team.
T-ball at this age is an automatic tie, really, because every kid gets to bat and run the bases each time, but she's really enjoying it, and is learning a lot.

Our Graduate

Alexa graduated Preschool a few weeks ago! Suddenly we're the parents of a kindergartner, and I don't know how it happened so quickly! She loved going to preschool, both here and at her old school, and made lots of good friends.  We're hoping that some of them will be in her class next year.

The Mapmaker's Children: Review

The Mapmaker's Children, by Sarah McCoy is like getting two books for one.  Half the book takes place in modern times, following the failing marriage and newly forming relationships of Eden Anderson as she gets used to her new town of New Charlestown, West Virginia.  The other half of the book follows the efforts of Sarah Brown as she tries to help the Underground Railroad as much as she can.  While the first few chapters of the book have the reader wondering how the two stories are connected, soon the pieces start connecting, until the puzzle is totally completed by the end of the book.

I really enjoyed this book.  It was historical enough that I felt like I learned more about the Underground Railroad, as well as the abolitionists that helped, without actually feeling like I was learning.  I really liked the puzzle aspect of the book, trying to figure out exactly how everything fit together.  While the changing of perspective was annoying sometimes, it was only because every time I felt like I was getting somewhere in one story, it switched to the other, making it hard to put down! The emotions in the book were very real, too.  Both women had very real personal challenges that brought raw emotions in them.  Their romantic relationships both suffered from these challenges, but also made both women realize that they were still worthy of, and capable of love.  I would highly recommend this book to romantics that like a little historical twist.

* I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Soccer Girl

Alexa has been playing soccer this spring, and has been loving it! It's been really fun for me and Mike to see the improvement these last couple of months.  At first we joked that she just "orbited" around the ball, and it was a pretty big orbit! But we have been working with her to get her to go after the ball, and she really has gotten in to it more. In fact, this weekend she had a breakaway, took the ball all the way up the field and scored, all by herself! We were really proud of her, and she thought it was pretty cool that all the parents on the sidelines were cheering for her.  And while she has, so far, inherited my love of soccer, she hasn't inherited my pansy nature! At this age, there is a lot of falling, tripping and pushing because everyone travels in a big group around the ball, and she hasn't had any issues with that, whereas it took me several years to get over it.  And knowing her, I thought it might be an issue for her, but it certainly isn't! 
 Her team, minus 3.

She has done so well that we're going to sign her up for T-ball this summer!

Angry Frosty

We actually had snow a couple of weeks ago, so the girls went out with Daddy to make a snowman! This one was much more successful than our last one that was only a few inches tall.  I did make them change the mouth after the first round of pictures, because he looked so angry! And even as tall as he was, Frosty was gone the next day!

Milk Bar Life: Review

Milk Bar Life is a cookbook by Christina Tosi, the owner of Momofuku Milk Bar.  This cookbook is not your average cookbook.  Tosi has filled it with her favorite recipes, from breakfast to dessert, and from retro goodies to innovative newbies.  She has an introduction to each section of the book, and for each individual recipe, personalizing everything and really making it her own.  The book is full of gorgeous pictures, both of the food and the people that are special to Tosi.

Often times when I get new cookbooks I look through them and only end up bookmarking a dozen recipes to actually try, but with this one, it's more like 2/3 of the recipes! I was interested in this book because I had heard of the Momofuku Milk Bar and its' cookies, and while I wish that the cookie section was a bit bigger, I love the innovative cookies that it includes.  She has the classic chocolate chip cookie, and then a molasses-rye cookie, so there are definitely recipes that you won't find anywhere else! I love how many pictures the book has, but wish that they were all directly related to the recipes themselves, instead of the several that are just of her friends and family hanging out.  I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to try something different out in the kitchen, or is intrigued by the idea of the unique recipes!

* I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.