Friday, May 27, 2016


I'm behind, once again.  One of these days I'll stay on top of it all.  Until then, I'll just post by month.  So, here's March!

Alexa's "Darth Vader" mask.  We've started watching the original Star Wars movies, and Alexa has loved it.  Kaelyn, not so much, she likes the idea of it, but the movies kind of freak her out.
 Mike made my favorite cake again for my birthday this year, and Kaelyn clearly enjoyed the chocolate ganache pooling on the plate!
 Kaelyn, for about a month, started coming in to "cuddle" during the nights.  Sometimes she'd come in during the mornings, and so would just take over Daddy's spot, thank goodness, since she sleeps like a starfish!

 And Easter dresses! I'm never sure what I'm going to get when I ask them to stand and smile so I can take pictures of them.

 And, of course, our big announcement for March: we're expecting! Baby #3 coming in November.  And we'll find out the gender at the end of June!