Monday, January 3, 2011

(Sorry about the poor lighting and resolution, I took the video on my phone...)

Where has this year gone? In the beginning of 2010, Alexa was a newborn. By the end of it, she's a full blown toddler! When did a year become so darn short??? I remember back in the day it took foreeever to get back around to Christmas time, or my birthday, or summer vacation. Now, when I want to go slowly, it flies by!

This year was amazing though. It marked our 3rd year of marriage, Alexa's first birthday, graduation, moving, travelling, new jobs, some really hard times, and some really great times. I think my favorite memory was when Mike. Alexa and I were driving the moving truck to Oregon and stopped at the top of some mountain in middle of the night. It was kind of scary because it was so dark that someone could have been standing right next to you and you wouldn't have seen them. But we stopped, got out of the truck and looked up. I have NEVER seen that many stars in my life. When I was in high school I took astronomy and in our planetarium sometimes the teacher would turn off "city lights" to make the constellations harder to see and planets easier to see. On the top of that mountain, that's what the sky looked like. It was beautiful.

What are your favorite memories? (You don't have to share, I'm sure some are personal)

Here's to a new year, and many new memories!


Julie Briggs said...

Wow! She's walking already?? That's so awesome! (Good luck chasing her...) :P

Kim said...

I can't believe your baby is a year old already! I totally forgot that she was that old...I guess we were in Idaho for her birthday, so I forgot all about it, sorry. Is she really a year old? Oh no, hat means that my baby is almost 6 months old already. That first year goes by rediculously fast. Life moves in hyperspeed when you have children huh.