Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stats & Christmas

So we finally got Alexa in for her 12 month appointment, so here are her stats:
19 lbs 11 oz -> 25 %
30.5 in -> 75%
So she's still our tall skinny baby!

Now, here are some pictures of Christmas morning at our house. The major "Christmas" happened at Mike's parents house, but I don't have pics of that yet.

Mike and I helped Alexa open some presents...
She did some (kinda) on her own...
Enjoying the spoils in her new Tinkerbell pjs...
I believe it was Christmas Eve when Mike called me right after he left for work and told me to look out the window. It was a minute or so before this truck rolled into sight.

It was all decked out! It had the moving reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh, a family of snowmen, a life size nativity, and eeeeverything was covered in lights. It stayed outside the house for about 20 minutes, and all the neighbors came out with their kids to take pictures with/ on it. The sleigh was a real sleigh that they covered in lights, so people could actually get in it. It was pretty cool!

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Kim said...

What was that sleigh thing doing in front of your house? That was pretty neat. And I just love first Christmas sad that she had to wait a whole year after being born to have Christmas thought, lol.