Monday, January 31, 2011

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

If there were ever any doubts that Alexa isn't our child, let the following pictures dispel them.
The intensity! Don't break her focus or she'll have to start all over!!!

Just look at the joy she gets from eating those delicious, totally unhealthy, ridiculously processed cheese balls. I'm sure my mom would agree that she's seen that joy before. :)

And the weirdness. Of course she had to inherit a healthy dose of that. I mean, look at me and Mike! How could she be normal? By the way, she also enjoyed using the strainer as a hat, but once she figured out the mask, she found it much funnier and so wouldn't do that hat again for a picture.

1 comment:

Joanna said...

Ah, I love the strainer as a mask. If she was wearing a cool white outfit she'd be all ready for her fencing class!