Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shout Hooray!

Eventually I'll get around to posting about Christmas, but as there's so much going on this week, who knows when? Christmas, Alexa's birthday, our anniversary, all within a few days of each other!

Alexa turned one yesterday. Wow, I just can't believe it! It seems like just yesterday that she was just a little bundle of cuddles, and now she doesn't stay still long enough to cuddle! This past year has been wonderful. We are so lucky to have Alexa in our family, and can't imagine it without her!

We had to resort to giving her a cupcake because she was so shy about digging into the cake. She finally got around to eating the cupcake, but it took quite awhile. So the pictures are in reverse order, but pretend they're right, ok?

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Mark and Shauna said...

Happy Birthday Alexa and Happy Anniversary to you guys!