Friday, July 30, 2010

Who wants to help?

So, I'm taking an English Language class that is primarily about usage. For this class I need to get people to take a couple of surveys through out the class, and it's best when the people aren't all from the same place/age group/etc. so I thought that putting them up here would get me a good range. So, if you don't mind and have a spare minute- literally, it will only take a few minutes- please take this one for me. Also, please email me your responses instead of putting it as a comment so that your answers don't influence anyone else and their potential answers. Hopefully I don't get a bunch of spam from this, but here's my email address: snowanglp (at) Thanks so much everyone!

1. The quarterback played______ today. A) good B) well
2. If I_______ to win the lottery I would buy a new house. A) was B) were
3. The reason I am tired is _____ I stayed up too late last night. A) because B) that
4. I feel _____ that you didn't get to go to the party last night. A) bad B) badly
5. Hey, _____ I use your car tonight? A) may B) can
6. His vote on that issue is different ____ mine. A) from B) than

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