Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fifth of July

So, the day after the Fourth, Mike, Alexa and I went to the Freedom Festival with a couple of friends from the ward. While we were there we took a lot of pictures of Alexa, hoping to get her to smile in some, which she did! We had a lot of fun, and the Freedom Festival is going to be one things we'll miss when we move!
On Tuesday we got kicked out of the apartment for a bit because they were cleaning our carpets. We just went outside to hang out and read, and Mike managed to get a picture of what we like to call The Turtle Face. She loves to make this face, although the bottom lip doesn't always do this.


Julie Briggs said...

When you move? Are you guys moving??? Did Mike get that Seattle job?!?!?!

Okay, so I probably just got all excited for nothing... but I wanna know!!

Rachel said...

That turtle face is so cute! I'm glad you got that on camera!