Monday, October 26, 2009

Ivan Spudnik and Barby Q

So, I have to start off bragging a little bit. Ever been to Olive Garden for their soup, salad and breadsticks deal? We love it. Mike's favorite soup there is the Zuppa Tuscano. Last night I tried a recipe I had found online for Zuppa Tuscano, and it turned out great! Mike said it tasted just like Olive Gardens', which I take to be a huuuuge compliment because Olive Garden is a place of happiness.
Next is a belly shot. Taken today, I am 32 weeks. Almost there! And let me tell you, until I was picking a picture to put up of my belly, I had not realized how much weight I've gained in my face! So, ignore the face and focus on the belly!
Now the main reason for the post! Thursday night Mike and I went up to Kaysville because our friends Rachel and Craig were hosting a murder mystery dinner party thing. Mike was Ivan Spudnik, a Russian scientist, and his accent was the hit of the night. It was pretty bad.... I mean good, it was good! Haha, he practiced all day and got some tips from a friend that served his mission in Russia, so he actually did pretty well.
My character was a bombshell divorcee named Barby Q, but my costume wasn't nearly as entertaining as his, and like I mentioned before, I'm suddenly a lot more self conscious about putting pictures of me on the blog! The party was so fun though! I had never done one before, so it was a new experience and I was kind of nervous about it at first, but it was totally worth it. And no, neither of us was the murderer.
And now on to a question. I'm rather naive when it comes to all the blogging stuff, and I've been trying to figure something out. When I leave a comment on someones blog it makes the name all funny. It shows up as "Mike & Alicia" and I have no idea why. Ok, and the new and weirded thing is that I can't get it to show up how it looks when I leave a comment. Just imagine that after the and sign it has "amp;" For some reason this post keeps automatically taking that out, but it definitely shows up in the name on our comments. (Just to let you guys know, this is also why I don't leave a lot of comments, it always just looks weird) Anyone know how to fix it?


Analeis Paul said...

When you go into your dashboard, go to "edit profile". Your display name is what is happening. If you take out the "&" sign and put "and" it will fix it:)

Mike and Alicia said...

Ah ha! Thanks Annie!

Rachel said...

I'm honored that you would post about our party! I had a lot of fun, I'm glad you guys did too. Thanks so much for driving so far for it! I thought you guys both looked great, and I really did love his accent

Kim said...

That sounds like so much fun, and I'm sure (Mike being the dork that he is) that Mike was the hit of the party :)

Hooray, you posted a belly shot, and P.S.- you look great. You have not seen a fat face until you have seen me 8-9 months pregnant!