Monday, October 12, 2009

Brown paper packages tied up with strings...

I love getting packages in the mail. It makes me feel so special, especially since they're never junk mail. Getting mail in general is nice, but of course the bulk of what I take out of my mailbox is always advertisements and things addressed to the previous tenants (even though we've been here for well over a year). But packages are exciting, especially when you aren't expecting them. Today I got two! One I was expecting, and was excited for, the other was a total surprise.
This first one was the one I was expecting. My awesome sister-in-law, Julie, is done having children, so she's been working at clearing out the basement of all the kid things they still had, including her maternity clothes! So, she sent me a whole box full of her old clothes, which means I'm pretty much set for life in the maternity department! They're actually going to send us their crib as well, when their youngest gets his big boy bed. This second picture is of a really cute diaper cake that three of my high school friends sent me completely out of the blue. By that I mean I had no idea that they were sending me anything, obviously it wasn't totally out of the blue since I am pregnant... The really awesome thing is that it goes to show that some friends don't disappear. One of the friends and I had a bit of a fight after high school and lost touch almost completely. The other two I still talk to occasionally, but not nearly as often as I'd like. The group of us were pretty tight in high school though, and it's nice to know they're still thinking about me, as I do them!

I've started to get the nesting fever a little bit, although not nearly as much as Alli, which is probably a good thing since I can't redo my apartment like she did her house whether I want to or not. I have however started trying to really create a nursery, and haven't gotten very far yet. But, one thing that I've been wanting forever and finally got is a set of curtains! They're cute AND useful since they'll block out more light when she sleeps during the day.
On Saturday Mike and I had a spontaneous date evening. He took me for a drive up the mountains to look at the pretty fall colors, and we saw deer!

After the drive we went to dinner and then played games at home. It was a very nice, much needed relaxing day after the crazy and emotional week we/I had. I think I'll wait to update about that until we know more about what's going on, though, which hopefully will be soon.


Rachel said...

That's so fun to get packages! And I love the curtains! Where did you get them? (By the way, we can't wait to see you guys!)

Kim said...

Wow, I love thoughtful friends! Cute curtains guys, I love the hot pink. I think all little girls should have pink inspired rooms.