Monday, November 2, 2009


Those are our really cool pumpkins. Mike's is the one on the left and mine is on the right. We have a lot of fun doing things like that, although Mike gets kinda sick of cleaning out the pumpkin goo, since that's his job for both pumpkins. Of course, when we have a kid next year, he'll get to do three then!
Once again he didn't quite make the openings on top big enough to easily light the candles inside, but at least this year neither of the pumpkins became a flaming inferno (although that was hilarious). Maybe next year he'll finally learn and make it easy on himself by making them wide enough to fit his hand and then some.

Did you know when you save a draft of an email on hotmail, it doesn't save attachments? I just found that out, because I don't have a picture now of our costumes with me. So, our awesome Halloween costumes will just have to be posted later!

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Kim said...

I must say that those are two of the most creative pumpkin faces I have seen this season. Scooping the goop was well worth it!