Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween is coming!

So life here has been pretty busy lately. We just had three home football games in a row, and now that both Mike and I are working for BYU traffic, we get to work all home games! So, basically we got about an extra 25 hours for this paycheck, which is nice except that we haven't had a real weekend in about a month. We're looking forward to this coming weekend and being extra lazy.

Yesterday we brought out the Halloween decorations and went crazy. This last Christmas I really wanted more holiday decorations, and Mike's mom got us a ton! Our apartment feels very festive now, it's great! This is on the outside of our door:

And this is our table. I had the leaves from last year and got the bowl on Saturday night (yay for Priesthood session and having a long needed girls night!) on sale at the Quilted Bear. The really cute placemats were part of my Christmas present from Mom Bevans.
The big pumpkin and bat both light up and were also part of the present, and the little pumpkins were just random things I've gotten over the years.

These are our two front doors (the actual front door and the balcony door) We hadn't redecorated the balcony door since the fourth of July, so it was about time!
The great thing about having worked at the Quilted Bear for so long before getting married is that when I saw something really cute come in, I could get it with my employee discount, and so had a few cute decorations coming into the marriage.
Not to mention the Christmas bonus that bought this bakers rack and then some.
Also not pictured were a couple of cute candy corn dish towels that were also part of the present. Speaking of candy corn, have any of you tried the seasonal Hershey kisses for fall? They have a candy corn one, and a pumpkin spice one. They're so good! The pumpkin ones taste like pumpkin pie and are Mike's favorite (besides the Easter coconut ones) and the candy corn ones taste like white chocolatey candy corn. Anyways, we recommend them!


Analeis Paul said...

I LOVE holiday decorations! Your house look awesome:)

Julie Briggs said...

I have that same Willow Tree figure of the Mom-To-Be. My mother got it for me as a gift when I got pregnant. It's so beautiful, but I don't have the heart to pull it out of the box anymore.

DuPree's said...

Cute decorations! We don't have anything decorated... getting ready to move and all that fun stuff! How are you feeling? How's your tummy? Are you getting so excited! The babies will be here before we know it! How are you doing with traffic? I have a pair of shorts that I fixed to fit my prego belly into, if you are needing them, just let me know and I'll mail them to you!

Kim said...

Very cute decorations, I LOVE to decorate for the holidays. You do a fine job decorating your apartment, it looks very festive. Do you guys get any trick-or-treaters?