Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Road Trip!

It was a very long drive from Northern VA to UT.  Veeeery long.  We did it in 4 days, and totally lucked out in the weather department.  We were out of VA before the big storms and cold fronts hit, and took a more southern route than normal to avoid any bad weather near Chicago.  

We also lucked out with great kids that threw minimal fits.  Kaelyn could have watched movies the entire way and been happy, although we had to limit it to 2 movies a day thanks to the battery life. And yes, that is marker on her face. Those were exclusively for Alexa after that first day!
 There was A LOT of coloring, and stickering.  Oh, the stickers! They were everywhere, and it did not end when we got to our new place.  The girls took it upon themselves to sticker several boxes, and a month later, we are still finding them everywhere!
 We also hit the dollar store before we left and got old school things like Slinky's, silly putty and magna-doodles.  The girls were loving it!

 We did not do a lot of site seeing, but about an hour before we were going to drive through St. Louis, we figured, hey, we should go see the arch. So we drove by it, but because of construction and ticket times, we didn't bother going up it.
 Once we got to the western side of the country, Alexa started to really enjoy watching for frozen waterfalls.

 We had to stop on the second day to get sun shades because Kaelyn, out very white child, was getting sunburned through the window. I didn't even know that was possible.

The only thing that could have been better, was if the girls had actually slept in the car, but it did not happen, except for the 2 times Kaelyn fell asleep literally 5 minutes before getting to out hotel!

We got into our place the morning after we got in town, and we are loving it! Alexa started Preschool a few days later, and is doing it at the elementary school that she'll be going to next year, which, luckily, is close enough for us to walk pretty easily. The girls also have their own rooms now, which they LOVE.  They think it's pretty awesome, and I do, too! So much better in the mornings when Alexa wakes up before Kaelyn!

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