Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My big girls!

Alexa had her second first day of preschool, and it seems to be going relatively well.  She definitely misses her old preschool and friends, and has had a hard time making new friends, but she's finally getting there.
 We tried out a new hair style for Alexa's Valentine's Day party at school.
 The girls were very excited to see that the park here had a dinosaur just like the park back in VA.
 Kaelyn is not a baby anymore! We've started working a bit on potty training, although she really isn't very interested, but we figured that to start potty training, it was time to take off the side of her crib.
The second night we went and got a baby gate to put on her door while she is in there for nap time/bed time.  She is loving the new found freedom, although a bit too much! She won't leave the door closed, obviously won't stay in bed, and wouldn't stay in her room at all.  The gate has helped a ton.  At least she's in there and can't get into anything she isn't supposed to (except the trash liners you see on the floor behind her).  And, she hasn't destroyed the bed like Alexa used to, so I call it a success!

 Of course the girls love Frozen, but this is their favorite part to act out- they love it even more than singing Let it Go!

Usually it's a little clearer, but they knew I was taping it, and so were a bit excited.

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