Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Job Search

So, the end of 2014 was interesting, to say the least.  As many people know, we had been job searching for several months, and then Mike got a job offer in UT! The same day he got the offer, he was asked to interview for a different (better) job in OR, so he went out to start working in UT, took a quick trip to OR for the interview, and all the while, the girls and I stayed in VA,  waiting to see where we were going to end up moving.  He had left Nov. 1st, and started that Monday, and had the interview within a few days, and then we just waited. and waited. and waited.

 Suddenly we found out that the UT job ended.  They didn't mention when hiring him that the project he was hired for was an experiment, and if it didn't generate enough income they were going to cut it.  So one day after he got off work, he got a call from his recruiter saying it was over. This was a couple days before Thanksgiving, so he went up to OR, since we still hadn't heard back from them and were still hoping for another interview.  Finally we heard back from them, and found out he wasn't experienced enough for them, so he FINALLY came back to VA.  The girls were pretty much on top of him for a week straight:

In January we lucked out and got a job at a company that Mike had been interested in for years.  Very quickly we had to find a place to love (from across the country), rent some kind of truck, pack up, and get driving!

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