Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Busiest Week of the Year

Some one was very ready to get down to business!

 Alexa and Daddy have had fun with this joint gift, although Mommy seems to be the common target, and has the bruises to prove it!
 The day after we went to Zoolights at the National Zoo.  Mike and I agreed that the lights were more impressive at the Portland Zoo, but this one had a carousel, a slide for tubing and a train ride. 

 Then the next day was Alexa's birthday, and she loved it. We let her pick everything all day.  First she helped me make pancakes, then her birthday cake (chocolate with chocolate frosting and m&m's) then art time, then she and Daddy went to see Frozen (for the 2nd time) and for her birthday dinner she chose mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, grapes, and olives.  Then cake and presents. 

 This started happening when I pointed out to him that he was in the background of all these shots.

 And Kaelyn decided that she wanted to be a toy.  I guess all the packaging that she's seen me wrestle with the last few days seemed like fun!
Then the next day was our 6th Anniversary.  We did a little shopping, went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner and to see the newest Hobbit.  It was a great day to end a fun week!

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Lisa said...

My kids (and husband) all got those Nerf dart guns for Christmas, but thankfully I have not been a target yet. I think you need to get a gun too! Protect yourself :)