Thursday, January 2, 2014


So, I was washing dishes and cleaning the floor while Mike was "watching" Kaelyn to make sure she didn't make a big mess.  All of a sudden he ran by me heading upstairs muttering something that I couldn't hear.  When I asked him to repeat himself, he yelled down from upstairs "The baby may have the bowl on her head" Sure enough, I looked over and Kaelyn had a bowl of yogurt on as a hat.  I haven't asked him to watch her while eating again :)
 All of my siblings and their families came for Thanksgiving, which was a lot of fun.  Sadly, these are the only pictures I took the whole time.  Which is a shame, because I made 11 pies, and I can't believe I didn't document it!

 Alexa and Kaelyn really enjoyed playing with their cousins, even if Alexa got distracted during football by piles of leaves!

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