Monday, June 21, 2010

One Great Weekend

So, Mike pretty much had his perfect weekend these last few days. Friday was our friend Tanya's birthday, and it was also the day after the semester ended, so he didn't have to work. Friday afternoon a few friends came over while I was napping and they played games. Then we did some errands, came home and had a game night (that included Papa Murphy's pizza) and then night games. Saturday we all slept in and then went to Tucano's for Tanya's birthday, then came home and then he had another game night while I slept again (I had a pretty good weekend too-lots of naps!). Sunday he got cards that Alexa and I had made together, and I played Halo with him. Then for dinner he got Panda Express, except homemade. He was one happy camper!

Tonight for our activity for FHE we went to the duck pond to feed the ducks. It was a lot of fun! Here are a bunch of pictures from it:

She loves to scrunch her nose at us now!

Look at these cheeks! And that expression!
There were at least fifteen baby ducks around.
She was not impressed with her taste of bread.


Julie Briggs said...

Homemade Panda Express? Okay, you need to tell me how to do that!

McRoberts Family said...

She is so big and cute!

Rachel said...

Alexa's so cute! I'm glad you and Mike had such a great weekend, sorry we weren't able to make it for the night games but hopefully we will next time!