Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh Utah.... (and a plethora of pictures)

This was taken just a few days ago. I know it's hard to see, but that is in fact hail. In June. In Utah. It's just plain wrong.
Saturday night we played night games with a bunch of friends, and Mike gets really into it. This is him camo-ing his face with my eyeshadow (someone may as well use it, right?). Alexa and I were cops all night because I'm too paranoid to let someone drive our car with her in it, but we had a lot of fun and caught a lot of robbers, or fugitives as some people may call them.
Alexa loves her spoons, so I gave her this one to have as a toy. My favorite part of this picture is how the spoon matched her outfit. I always color coordinate baby outfits and toys, doesn't everybody? :)
Nap time in the Bevans house. Everyone is asleep except Mommy, although not for lack of desire!
I thought it was hilarious that our lazy baby found a way to sleep and eat without having to hold her arms up to hold the bottle in place. It's especially funny since she HATES to sleep on her stomach. I think this may have been the first time, ever.
Who needs toys when Daddy has shoes to play with?
Our first attempt with rice cereal. She liked it but didn't quite grasp the concept of swallowing it. This was a few weeks ago, so I think I'll try again this week, maybe since she's been playing with her spoon she'll have figured it out?
Isn't she just adorable???

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