Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day

So I guess this year was my first "real" Mother's Day, although I still count last year since I was pregnant. Either way, it was great! We didn't really celebrate on Mother's Day itself because with everything going on that weekend, Mike didn't have time to prepare, but he did make me dinner.

On Monday night we had his birthday meal (the home cooked one since you really don't need another meal after Tucanos) and then on Tuesday night he made me a wonderful Mother's Day meal and got me an ice cream cake! It was delicious! He also got me a collection of Nicholas Sparks movies, and I'm so excited to watch them! I love Nicholas Sparks books, he's one of my favorite authors, even if he isn't the most creative person ever.

My mom sent me a card and a Willow Tree figure, which prompted me to rearrange the ones I have and put them together in this order:
It's my life in Willow Tree! And I think all of these came from her! I have one other one, a little plaque from one of my best friends that is of two friends sitting together that should be in the front of the line, but it doesn't stand up by itself. I'll have to find a stand so the series will be complete.

In other good news, I'm excited to go to VA for a week in July with Alexa. She'll get to meet the rest of my immediate family (none of my brothers have met her) and I'll get to show her off to some of my old friends! I am sad that Mike won't be able to come with us but he'll be working and in classes still, so he is staying here. It will be the first time we've been separated for any real length of time... the closest was the 4th of July when he worked for about 24 hours straight. I'm still trying to convince him to come, but he isn't budging, stubborn man!

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Kim said...

How fun that you get to go home and see your family soon! They will love meeting that sweet little girl of yours. You got ice cream cake! I am so jealous...all I got is flowers...ha ha, I love any effort on my husbands part though :)