Friday, May 14, 2010

Mike's Birthday

For Mike's birthday we continued our tradition of a lunch/dinner at Tucanos with friends. We got a big group together, and it was a lot of fun! It was also nice because since his birthday was the day before Mother's Day, Tucanos was having a special that included chocolate covered strawberries! :) I, of course, did not bring my camera and only remembered to take pictures while we were outside waiting, but here's everyone, minus one who came late...

After that we went back to our apartment with several people and played a lot of games. I had decorated the apartment that morning to surprise Mike, so I think it was pretty festive. Of course I decorated in Bronco's colors! Again, I was a slacker with taking pictures, so no pics of them or the cake, which I was actually really mad at myself for not taking before we cut it at the game night. I've got to get better! He got several good presents, and I think he enjoyed his birthday a lot! And, now that he's 5 years older than me again, all is right in the world :)

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