Thursday, February 25, 2016

February So Far....

Ariel and Tinkerbell have become quite the cooks lately!
 Tinkerbell is getting pretty talented at stirring and dumping without getting everything everywhere.
 And Ariel has moved on up to using griddles and flipping pancakes!
 Enjoying the fruits of their labor.
 The Super bowl was a big hit this year, and even the girls liked watching it (while they were shoving snacks in their mouths :) )We (Mike) were very happy that the Broncos won.
 The girls had a lot of fun with Valentines Day this year.  They got cookies from my parents and lots of candy from various teachers and friends (and parents), our house was covered in hearts and glitter, and they had fun making Valentines for everyone.  Of course we had our traditional heart hairstyles:

And Kaelyn and I got to go do the snack station at Alexa's school Valentines party.  We did a make-your-own trail mix with different goodies, and Kaelyn did a great job sitting and eating the entire time! I had been worried that she'd try to follow all the big kids and do all the things they were doing, but put some juice and cupcakes and pretzels in front of her and she'll sit like a little angel!

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