Thursday, February 25, 2016

Alexa's Birthday and January

Since Alexa's birthday is during Christmas break, this year we decided to wait until school was back in session to do her party, so that more people would be able to come.  (We learned our lesson last year!) We still did her presents and cake on her birthday, though.  Kaelyn was pretty confused as to why she didn't get to open any of the presents that were by the tree, but it sure did make Alexa feel special!
 Alexa requested a Rosalina, Peach, Zelda cake.  At first I was really not sure how I'd pull it off, but then I found these drawings someone had done to make them all Paper Mario style, which made it much easier.  Still quite time consuming, but waaaaaay easier than it could have been!
 She loved it!
 Then, the first Saturday after school started back up we did her party.  She wanted another Princess Party, like last year, except different.  That is exactly how she described what she wanted to me.  So, we did the same set up, but with a few different princess and activities to go with them.
 I had to keep the pin the kiss on the frog though, because it was my favorite!

 Princess Kaelyn has gotten in to doing hair.  It's cute, albeit a little painful :)
 And Mike's latest hobby is painting game figures.  For Christmas he got a board game he had really been wanting, and so now he's painting all the little gray figures so that they're full color.
 So they've had a few painting parties and the girls paint rocks or paper.

 And, lastly, Alexa lost another tooth! This one is top, front and center, and so far the grown up tooth isn't visible, so she's had a hole for awhile! :)

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