Tuesday, November 10, 2015


As if the week wasn't filled with enough Halloween activities, we decided to fit even more in on the day itself.  In the morning we got the girls all dressed and then went trick or treating at a couple of stores. 

 Toys R Us was our first stop, and it was empty.  And the girls were scared of Geoffery.  If you'll notice in the next 3 pictures, we had him scoot a little closer to them during the picture taking, hoping they wouldn't notice. It worked pretty well.

 Except that you can tell that Alexa totally just realized what happened here.
 The girls thought it was so fun to trick or treat at stores.  We went to a grocery store, and there were a lot of kids there doing it as well.  We also continued our tradition of pumpkin shaped pizza for dinner, and then went trick or treating.

Link, Princess Rosalina, and Princess Peach.
 Link and Zelda.
 Oh, and Kaelyn got a shiner during her quiet time by taking a nose dive off her toy box, so Princess Peach had a black eye for the real Trick or Treating.  I love this picture, she looks so put out!

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