Saturday, October 17, 2015

Pumpkin Patch

I don't think we've ever gone to a pumpkin patch twice, although a lot of that is just how much we've moved.  This was our first Halloween in Utah with kids, so once again it was a new patch.  We liked this one, it had pony rides, a tiny corn maze, free food, a country store, and a hay ride (that we skipped because of the line).  I think that we might keep looking and try to find a better one next year.  

Kaelyn LOVED the pony ride.  It was her first time, and she did great.  It was actually Alexa's first pony ride, too, but only because every other time she flipped out as soon as we got her on (or near) the pony.  She actually wanted to skip it this time, until she saw how excited Kaelyn was. Nothing like peer pressure, and getting shown up by your little sister, right? She ended up enjoying it too, just not to the extent of Kaelyn.

 They both really liked messing around on all the old tractors this place had.

 And they thought the corn maze was pretty cool, but it was pretty sparse, and wasn't really maze-like at all.

 They did really enjoy the slide, although not the hay that got stuck everywhere.

After all the fun stuff we picked pumpkins.  Alexa got a monster- the biggest out of all of ours, and Kaelyn refused to get one big enough to carve, and actually ended up picking a white pumpkin.  Guess that will be a good canvas for painting!

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