Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Waterfalls, Pumpkins, and 2 Months

My sister came and visited us last month and we had a great time.  We went to Multnomah Falls (one of Alexa's favorite places) and to the zoo another day.  Alexa really had  the time of her life having someone to pretty much cater to her every whim.  She still asks just about every day, "Aunt Rachel coming to play?"

 A few weeks ago we went to the pumpkin patch, and again, Alexa had a great time.  She has fallen in love with all things Halloween and has also been asking me daily if it is time to go Trick-or-Treating.  She's even taken to practicing using legos and pennies.

 We also set up her house that she got for Christmas (I was waiting until after we moved) and she loves coloring it, and dictating to everyone else how they should color it.
 Kaelyn had her 2 month appointment last week.  She was 12 and a half pounds, which put her in the 85th percentile.  She impressed the doctor by rolling onto her side and babbling to herself in the mirror.  
 She's such a great baby, so laid back, which is really nice because Alexa needs/wants all the attention she can get. Alexa is surprisingly helpful now. She actually gets mad at me if I go get a diaper myself, because that's her job. Speaking of diapers, Alexa is finally getting out of them.  She wears them at night and when we go on long errand trips. She is doing really well staying clean, although she does seem to have an aversion to going poo in the potty, however, but we're trying to get past that.  And that's life for now!

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Nick and Jenni Vaughn said...

Alexa is so big and Kaelyn is so adorable! You guys should come visit :)