Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Trip to VA

In August Alexa and I went to visit my family in VA. Sadly, I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures, so maybe more will come if I can get copies of the ones my parents took. Alexa had a great time helping Grandma make dinner.
She also liked watching Grandpa cook on the grill.

She did not like the baby gates banning her from going upstairs by herself. Luckily, they were only needed the last day or so when she figured out that she didn't need to wait for anyone to come up with her.

She looooved playing with the cars and trucks. Apparently we need to get her some of those!

She also loved having a chair that was her size, although she still hasn't figured out that she can just turn and sit rather than climbing up onto it and turning while on it to sit. We're working on that.

Last, she discovered her love of jelly beans. She'd go pick up the container and bring it to someone, then follow them around pushing it until they gave her some.

We got her some here, and they are certainly her treat of choice, although she calls them stars for some reason. Her talking has gotten so much better lately, and it is so awesome when she suddenly says something that I've been trying to teach her for days. The latest example of this is "thank you". I've been trying to teach her please and thank you for a couple of weeks now, and we're still working on please, but she's a champ at saying thank you. Babies are so amazing at this age!

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