Monday, September 19, 2011

County Fair

So, I'm a bit behind on the happenings around here, so I'm going to be trying to catch up in the next few days. First up, the County Fair that we went to, like, 2 months ago. Whoops!

Alexa loved looking at all the animals, although she was terrified to touch any of them.

Of course, who would want to pet the demon horse?

She did love the "elephant ear" which, thankyouverymuch, is NOT the real deal. I was disappointed. I haven't had a real one in a looong time, and by a real elephant ear, clearly I do not mean like, off the animal. Growing up in Massachusetts we had the REAL elephant ears. Basically flaky layered pastries that were delicious. This thing was pretty good too, though.

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Kim said...

looks like fun...Alexa is getting so big! I need to have a "real elephant ear", because if it's better than what I had at the fair, I want it...although I tend to like everything I eat containing sugar and fat :)