Sunday, July 3, 2011

Official Nursery Sunday

Today was Alexa's official first day going to nursery! I can't believe how big she is! I decided I needed a picture to document the big day, and this was all I could get, clearly she was ready to go!
It's so fun to see her personality grow! As well as everything else. Lately she has started to say some more words, and it's been clear for months that she's understood pretty much everything we say. She's such a cheese, she's got the head tilt and smile pose down:

And thinks it's hilarious to wear things in odd ways, such as headbands over her eyes:

and her new favorite, pants on her head:

And even though she doesn't talk a whole lot, she has ways of subtly hinting at what she wants to do!

We're slowly getting moved in and making this new place feel like home, and thankfully we're all becoming heavier sleepers thanks to our upstairs neighbors!

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