Monday, April 25, 2011

Project 2.5

This is our "office" closet. Since we have moved in, it has been FILLED with boxes, like all the way up to the bar, and then on that shelf. All boxes, all of which were still full. You see, our big bookcase broke in half while we were moving, and lets be honest, it wasn't big enough anyways. So, we had boxes full of books and other things just sitting in the closet. I have recently claimed the desk in the office for my sewing machine, so since I'm turning the office into my craft room (slowly but surely) I decided the time was coming to start cleaning it up. Plus, my parents are coming out in a couple of weeks, and they'll be staying in there...... So all the boxes were opened, sorted though, then stuck in the garage. I put my sewing projects and such in the bottom and the random things from the boxes that we didn't want to put in the garage up top. Now I just have to do some more projects, sell a couple of TVs and a computer, and then the room will be parent-worthy.

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Kim said...

I didn't know your parents wer coming to visit, that will be fun. We still have not even been in your home...thats a bit embarassing, oops. We may just surprise you and show up someday, who knows.